Who we are

The Arundel Community Land Trust Limited is a 'Community Benefit Society' registered with and regulated by the FCA

(Financial Conduct Authority).


Our registration number is 8176, click here to see us on the FCA register.


Click here to view/download our FCA 'Rules'. These are similar to Articles of Association and set out how the CLT will be run.


Arundel CLT is a member of the National CLT Network. See their FAQ's page here.


Click here to view/download our 'Standing Orders' (March 2022) 

These are the procedural ways of working the Arundel CLT have drafted to cover such matters as membership, members meetings, directors and the board, financial matters & code of conduct. They should be read in conjunction with the FCA Rules (above), in cases of doubt or conflict the FCA Rules apply.

Click here to view/download the ACLT 'Code of Conduct'.


Click here to view/download our Data Protection Policy (April 2022)


The CLT Board of Directors include: 


  • Tom Basham

  • Nick Chalk

  • Wendy Eve *

  • Hilary Knight - Secretary *

  • Graham Lane

  • Martyn Pettifer

  • Mac Rankin 

  • James Stewart - Treasurer *

  • Paul Summers - Chair


* indicates formation directors.


Click here to view/download the ACLT Directors Declaration of Interests and Close Links as at September 2022.


A bit of history

Arundel has grown by sensible numbers every decade since the 1940’s until 2000. 


The Arundel CLT will work with the Norfolk Estate to make sure the next stage of our growth provides the quality our community values and deserves. 


Past growth in Arundel includes: 


  • 1950s Torton Hill and Canada Road 
  • 1960s Dalloway Road and Stewards Rise 
  • 1970s Hazel Grove and Dukes Close 
  • 1980s Oak End and Fitzalan Mews 
  • 1990s Penfold’s Place and Wheelwrights Close  


In early 2020 Arundel Town Council will carry out a Housing Needs Survey within Arundel to determine what the housing needs are in terms of mix of housing types and rent levels etc.


The results of this survey will be shared publicy and used by the CLT.

Our first project​


The first project for Arundel CLT is to work with The Norfolk Estate and a Registered Provider of Housing on the development of a mix of residential homes, a community facility and links to public rights of way/green infrastructure network.


We are calling this the Ford Road Project.


Under the Neighbourhood Plan Policy AR2 there will be 90 new homes on Ford Road, on the upper part of the field between the built up area and Priory Lane behind Dalloway Road. 


27 of the new homes will be for affordable for eligible Arundel residents and/or workers. We expect that 20 of these will be available at 'social rent'.


Social rents are pegged to local incomes to keep rents more affordable. We anticipate that the remaining 7 or so houses will be available under a shared ownership scheme.


Click here to view our Biodiversity and Environment Vision.