How can you help?


The Arundel CLT is now looking to the community to build up the number of "Members" * in the CLT.


* Members are like shareholders, they pay £1 to join the Arundel CLT and have a say in how it is run at General Meetings etc. 


Click here to view/download the Arundel CLT Brochure.


If you would like become a Member or just find out more: please email, use the contact form on our Contact page, or take a look this website.


Click here to download the Membership Application Form.


Please note: When printing out the Membership Application Form, please select 'double or two sided' using the 'short-edge binding' to create an A5 folded leaflet. Do contact us if you have any questions. 


Why Not Apply To Become One of the CLT Directors?


The Arundel CLT is now looking to recruit more Directors.


If you are already a CLT member and would like to apply, please complete the attached form in Word Format or PDF Format.


If you are not yet a member of the CLT or would like more information please contact us.